Category: Weeds


Weeds are a nuisance no matter where they grow. Unwanted vegetation will distract from an otherwise beautiful paver application. For many reasons joint sands can migrate from the joints and virtually wash away being replaced with dirt. Even just 1/8″ of dirt will collect air borne weed seeds and soon you find unwanted vegetation throughout your walk, patio or driveway.
Understanding both proactive and reactive approaches to weed control will assist a homeowner in an action plan that best suits their lifestyle and expectations.
The ultimate proactive approach would include a properly installed Polymeric Sand  at the time of the paver installation. Sealants with Joint Stabilizers will also help keep weeds out by hardening the joint sand. Both these types of products are available at any three locations of Hedberg Landscape and Masonry Supplies manufactured by SRW Products.
Roundup is a well known brand of a non-selective post emergent Herbicide and will handle most anything you want to spray it on, yet you will then need to remove the dead vegetation. Just recently Roundup and Bayer brands have developed a Herbacide that is both pre emergent and post emergent. The Paver Doctor has experienced satisfactory results with this new product.

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