Natural Stone before and after stairs

A variety of methods can be used to clean substrates. A leaf blower can remove leaves and grass clippings. A garden hose with spray nozzle can remove surface dirt. A stiff brush and a lot of elbow grease followed by the hose and spray nozzle can remove even more dirt.

The key to cleaning stains is to do it quickly after it happens. A sealant application will reduce stain absorption. Sealants are designed to prevent the penetration of contaminants including dust, dirt, oil and other atmospheric staining that dull the colors of your substrates.

Regular maintenance cleanings become quick, easy and much less intrusive to the colorful hardscape surfaces.  Our cleaning process includes the use of environmentally safe cleaners and our hot water pressure cleaning system, which is the best in the business.

We re-joint paver or stone flat work applications leaving that “Just Installed” look.

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