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Edge Restraint

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Edge Restraint systems are responsible for rotational interlock of a paver application. Through interlock, thousands of pavers together will act as one continuous surface. Edge restraint failure will result in shifting/creeping of pavers leaving open joints which will result in bed sand loss leading to possible rutting or settlement. edge restraint
The desired outcome of an Edge Restraint is that it stays stationary. Understanding the degree of lateral forces that will be exerted on the system is critical to determining what type to use. With the correct Edge Restraint system in hand accurate installation is critical to its success. Trying to save money on shorter spikes or less of them can cause a failure. And setting spikes into the ground will not hold, they must be driven into base material.
The most common type of edge restraints are made of black PVC and set in place with spikes driven into the base material. On straight runs rigid Edge Restraints are preferred and flexible is used on curve-linear applications.
Hedberg Landscape and Masonry Supplies (3 Metro locations) provide quality Edge Restraint systems. I have yet to find comparable products at the big box stores.
Replacing Edge Restraint systems begins with identifying the underlying issue and correcting it. Repairing the damage created by the failure will become more involved the longer the failure exists. If you feel this condition may exist on your paver application feel free to contact The Paver Doctor. We specialize in paver Repair-Restoration-Sealing.

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