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e365b9e6-e910-43e8-a44e-bc09d58911f0Installing interlocking paver systems is a series of critical steps. When addressing settlement issues you must peal back the layers, assessing the accuracy of each step taken during the installation. This can be done by applying the following information. First determine what type of soil you have on site and how much water it holds. Soils containing +30% clay are described as clay and are prevalent in our area. Clay is very pliable when wet which leads to rutting on driveways. Is your dig in compacted earth or was there a significant amount of fill placed recently in the case of new home construction.
Immediate considerations must be made considering the Subgrade as it is the foundation that your pavers will be placed on top of.The proper use of Woven Geotextiles will provide soil separation, stabilization and reinforcement over moderate subgrades. Many contractors, to submit a lower bid on driveways, will not include this nor do they inform the homeowner of possible ramifications of not using Woven GeotextilesBase Material  choice, depth and intelligent installation are each of equal importance to the project. Simply said (not including permeable paver systems) Base Material should be Class II or Class V. Applied in 2″-4″ lifts and compacted each lift with proper moisture content. Total thickness of Base Material (after compaction) over well-drained soils varies from 6″ for pedestrian areas to at least 10″  for residential driveways. This does not include additional inches in consideration ofSubgrade soil type, drainage/moisture content and climate.The lack of proper Compaction will affect an application very soon after installation and may continue for many years to come. Base Compaction should be done with a vibratory roller or reversible plate compactor. Many contractors make the mistake considering a 4000 flb forward plate compactor sufficient to achieve  the recommended Proctor density. In fact it is if compacted in 2″ lifts.
For the DIY, you can find the most accurate information regarding the different types of interlocking pavers, Woven Geotextiles and Base Material  by contacting Hedberg Landscape and Masonry Supplies. (3 Metro locations) If this is to much- We Can Help ! We make house calls. Just contact The Paver Doctor. We specialize in Paver Repair-Restoration-Sealing.

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